Bin TRIGO 90

Modular, personalized sorting center.

Sort waste in school cafeterias and fight food waste effectively.

This is a fun and educational collection solution that helps you raise user awareness about wasting food and food scrap recycling.

Made of recycled plastic, the AGORA C+ range stands out for its modular design and ease of use: The sorting versions can be personalized to meet your exact needs (openings, colors, etc.)
Two types of internal bins are available:
- a square, 90-litre internal bin for large, lightweight waste
- a mobile 90-litre internal bin with liner support and castors for heavy waste

For ease of sorting and traffic flow, the bins are inserted in a food-grade stainless steel sorting station.

More details

Data sheet

Recycling forCans, bottles, bio-waste, packaging, bread, etc.
Capacity90 L
DimensionsH: 81 cm, L: 49 cm, W: 45 cm
Stainless steel station dimensionsFor two bins: H: 85 cm, L: 108 cm, W: 70 cm for the TRIGO 90.2 version For three bins: H: 85 cm, L: 157 cm, W: 70 cm for the TRIGO 90.3 version
Weight4 kg per bin
Material100% recyclable PE, washing and detergent resistant
ColoursDrum: grey Cover: over 15 colors available with optional personalized markings (icons, logos, slogans, etc.)


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