Bins for offices

Our customers can attest to the fac that Greenoffice bins really do encourage sorting.

This success is due not only to their unique design or attractive colours, but also because most cleaning and collection companies recommend them for their ease of use and efficiency in the quality of sorting. Over 20 colours available.


  • Waste sorting bins for offices

    Waste collectors for offices.

    Available in both an office waste basket size and large-capacity bins, we provide NHIW (non-hazardous industrial waste) collectors that meet your needs. Lightweight, easy to move and handle, these collectors are most often paired with paper collection bins.

    Their stylish good looks and elegant design spotlight your environmental program and encourage your employees to participate actively in your company’s recycling initiatives.

  • Paper collectors

    A broad range of paper collectors is available to help companies simplify paper recycling.

    Choose from a variety of stylish office waste paper baskets, and large-capacity collectors (up to 100 litres) to create paper sorting stations located at strategic points in office areas. Some of these models have rollers to make them easy to move and transport.

    Designed to maximise ease of use, for both sorting and collection, these collectors have bins for quick and easy paper collection.

  • Cup and can recycling

    Cup and can recycling. 

    With their convenient waste basket size, cup and can collectors are must-haves in your company’s coffee shop or break rooms with standard coffee machines.

    We have created specific collectors to encourage your employees to sort their plastic cups and cans. These elegant collectors are part of the essential set of collectors for any company that is concerned about recycling.

    Choose from small, medium or large sizes, and solo or duo models.