How to choose the best waste recycling companies

As you know, your company produces an impressive amount of recyclable waste every day. Paper, cardboard and plastic glasses are, in fact, widely used by your employees, and choosing to introduce selective sorting in your workplaces is a first step if you want to make your business more environmentally friendly. Whether it is to save money on the cost of scrapping, preserve forest resources, or simply comply with French legislation, there are good reasons to set up selective sorting in your company. But how to choose your recycling solutions and the best companies to take charge of this ?

The answer depends on several factors : the nature of the waste generated, the size and location of your offices, the capacity of the storage areas, as well as the involvement of your employees and the accessibility of the collection points. You have to analyse the situation and opt for the solutions and companies that will best suit your business.

To help you choose a good selective sorting company, you can begin by asking yourself several questions beforehand to better target your needs. The first one relates to the place where your garbage cans have to be placed, insofar as they will not be of the same type, according to their location. An office bin will require only two bins, for paper and plastic, while a trash bin for a break room will be equipped with an additional compartment for waste.

Be also careful with the nature of your waste, which will be necessary to know well before choosing your solutions and your waste recycling company. You also have to know the the operation of your company, and the type of waste it daily generates. Some offices only use paper and plastic, others require additional containers because they generate organic waste, or use ink cartridges and batteries.

The knowledge of the number of your employees and of their working environment is also an important data in your ecological approach. Small office and open space do not require the same needs, and the volume of the bins chosen must be adapted, according to these criteria.