Choose selective recycling bin to make your office greener

You decide when to make the leap and to set up selective sorting in your company, but you will be confronted with several challenges that may slow you down in your approach, such as your selection of waste sorting bins. Indeed, there are all sorts of different volumes and uses.Now that you have identified the real needs of your business, you only need to get to know the different types of garbage cans that exist, and the one that fits best for your company daily practices. The next paragraph will allow you to make a quick overview of the existing solutions for your business.

There are several possibilities that can each meet the needs of your company and the involvement of your employees. The office basket for example, which looks mostly like any other, offers the advantage of being compartmentalized to allow sorting. At Green Office, we believe it is important to make your employees want to be a part of your process, which is why our baskets display a unique design and attractive colors. All of them are recommended by most cleaning companies for their ease of use, but also for their efficiency.

You can also opt for the installation of voluntary terminals, which are considered today as one of the most efficient and economical solutions to carry out the waste collection of your company. Numbers speak for themselves : The terminals offer a sorting quality close to 100% and a reduction in waste management costs of up to 20%. Green Office offers you both attractive and effective products that best match your corporate culture and your workspace. Plus: you can customize the terminals with the colors of your company, and even integrate your own messages. You will thus be able to boost the involvement of your collaborators.

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