Restaurant & kitchen recycling : how to organize & set up ?

There are mainly two stages in the production of bio-waste in the catering sector: the preparation of meals, and the food leftovers.

During the meal preparation, the sorting of bio-waste takes place in the kitchen and does not require any major difficulties, except finding the space needed to install an additional collection container in small areas. The most important thing for the employees is to develop good habits so that the collection results are positive.

In the case of self-service, the sorting can be carried out in several different ways, without giving additional work on the washing-up side. For example, it is quite possible to have the sorting done by the users themselves. Indeed, they will have the task of ridding their meal trays to the maximum. In this case, the solution chosen will mainly depend on the place development opportunities, but overall, the choice is between the partial sorting by users with a bin, or with two bins. In any case, this solution is effective.

Truth is that there are not so many constraints related to in-room sorting with table service. Done after each return of dish, selective sorting of bio-waste mainly involves the detection of the packaging from the rest. Mostly with cheese or dessert, you have to check if the dish is wrapped or not, in order to throw it in the correct bin.

In general, the efficiency of the recycling process in a restaurant lies in choosing the most appropriate solutions, but also in the adoption of the right gestures and proper habits.