Best practice to optimize facility processes in waste and recycling management

The benefits of selective sorting are numerous, and include both economical and environmental returns. This approach also makes it possible to return a greener and more positive image of the company, which every day generates a significant amount of waste. Of course, the undertaking of this project goes through several stages, which must not be neglected, at the risk of seeing your project make a flop. Communication with your employees, the choice of your waste bins and containers and the perfect knowledge of your company and the waste it generates : nothing has to be left to chance.

Beyond these essential steps already mentioned on our website, there are certain tricks that will allow you to optimize selective sorting within your company, and to make it even more efficient. These simple gestures, carried out daily, will then become automatic among your employees : this will help making your business even greener.

First of all, you can choose to limit your consumption of products known to generate garbage, such as rags, gloves, or office paper, which can easily be reused as a draft and can also be printed as two-sided documents. Do your best around you to encourage people to be attentive to the "misses" and other manufacturing mistakes, or not to systematically print emails, an old habit with many employees. There are other methods which also reduce the production of packaging waste. In this case, you can choose to favor bulk supply, replace small packs with larger packaging, or reuse certain packaging.