Encouraging employees participation in a company recycling program

If selective sorting has become a habit in most households where ecological gestures are totally natural, in the business world the situation is not yet quite the same. You may have decided to make your enterprise “greener”, but in order for your approach to be really effective it’s necessary that your staff plays the ecological game too. Communication between you and your coworkers is one of the most important thing for selective sorting in your company to be successful.

Above all, and even before communicating with your coworkers, don’t hesitate to take the time to listen to what your collaborators have to say about selective sorting. Indeed, what you first have to do is involve them from the very beginning in your approach. Analysis and sharing are indeed an essential step in your ecological process. This will certainly help you in identifying problems and specificities of each team. Similarly, management must be aware of your progress as much as possible in order to be able to supervise and support the approach with your employees.

In order to facilitate your staff’s life, waste bins must be carefully placed in your offices. However, it is not necessary to install several different bins in the same place : actually, this would be the best way to discourage employees. On the other hand, you can place desk baskets at the feet of each employee, in order to optimize the selective sorting of the paper. As for the other waste, they can easily be recovered in another clearly dedicated place. Remember : simplifying your recycling system and making it playful are the keys to the success of your project !

Just one last tip : make selective sorting in your enterprise fun. The Green Office’s collectors, in addition to having an attractive design, can for instance take the colors of your business, and even display personalized messages. You can also organize contests within each team, with rewards to congratulate your most eco-friendly collaborators. The circle will be complete if, in addition to this, you choose to offer a "green" reward.