Office paper recycling : a major challenge for your company ?

In addition to its undeniable impact on the environment, recycling in companies has not yet demonstrated its fully positive economic impact. According to the "Witnesses enterprises" operation, developed in partnership with 50 companies of different sizes and sectors, and carried out in 2011 by the Ademe (environment and energy management agency), a total savings of $1,1 million were made at the end of a year through several actions put in place to allow better waste management. Numbers speak for themselves.

The biggest example of paper is convincing and its recycling remains a fine gesture for nature. Unfortunately, there are still too many unnecessary prints in most businesses, and despite warnings in email signing, many people still prefer to read their email on paper rather than on a screen. According to Ademe, each year, between 155 and 188 pounds of paper are used per employee ; it’s the equivalent of three reams of paper. Paper alone represents three-quarters of the tonnage of waste produced during office activities. Internal paper consumption, for a company with about 100 employees, costs between $ 11,000 and $ 28,000 per year, excluding related costs such as ink cartridges for printers purchases and maintenance.

The cost of recycling paper (between $ 23 and $ 45 per year per employee, according to the Ademe) is more than offset by savings from recycling: less paper to buy, fewer purchases of printer consumables, less costly maintenance, etc. The positive effects, both for the environment and for the image of the companies, are largely worth the effort of setting up selective sorting in companies.