Medical waste recycling

Because a company is not only composed of offices, selective sorting has not to be limited to these specific spaces. Involvement in an ecological approach also implies the welfare of employees, and this means undeniably that you have to be careful about the sanitary aspect of your company. Working in a healthy and clean environment can only have a positive impact on employees and it is even more true in areas as sensitive as the sanitary.

Microbes, smells, viruses, diseases... These problems are real for companies and must absolutely be taken into account for the well-being and good health of employees. It is even an indispensable basis that it is preferable to optimize as much as possible before embarking on a more global ecological approach, even before thinking of setting up selective sorting in one’s company. But how to choose the best equipment which will be used in the safety zones of its offices?

First of all, it is necessary to know well the waste that can be produced there and the dangers associated with it. Some towel collectors offer a large capacity and other sanitation bins are designed to best suit the specific needs of the sanitary areas of company offices. It is recommended to choose material that limits the spread of microbes, but also certain viruses and, and of course, bad smells.

For the specific and delicate case of the risks of virus spread, there are also suitable collectors. You can opt for a "free hand" model whose opening and closing of the lid are controlled by a pedal. This of course avoids any contact with the hands, offers a storage space of 40 liters on average, is easy to clean and most importantly, reduces the risk of virus transmission.