Trivia bins and collectors

60 to 100-litre collectors.
Authentic sorting stations, 60 to 100-litre collectors are intended for use in collective areas, from cafeterias to sorting areas in open-space offices, for example. These elegant and stylish collectors blend in with your décor, or add a modern touch. Paper, cans, waste, cups: there’s a bin model for every type of waste commonly produced by a company. These large-capacity collectors are hygienic, easy to maintain, and modular to meet your needs. Solo, duo or trio: they let you conveniently install sorting stations in your offices and encourage your staff to recycle.

Paper collectors.
A broad range of paper collectors is available to help companies simplify paper recycling. Choose from a variety of stylish office waste paper baskets, and large-capacity collectors (up to 100 litres) to create paper sorting stations located at strategic points in office areas. Some of these models have rollers to make them easy to move and transport. Designed to maximise ease of use, for both sorting and collection, these collectors have bins for quick and easy paper collection.