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Collector with Round Opening AGORA 90

Stylish, convenient and effective 90-litre recycling station.

Attractive and easy to use, our new large-volume recycling stations (90C: 90 litres) spotlight your waste recycling program.
Use AGORA 90C to create recycling stations with attractive lines and colours that meet both your aesthetic needs and environmental requirements, since they comply with HQE standards.

AGORA 90C units are extremely modular and easy to use: Five types of opening (PAPER/WASTE/BOTTLES/CUPS/CAFETERIAS/OTHER) and more than 20 customisable plexiglas colours to meet any need. A series of interior 90-litre collection bins are available to ensure significant collection autonomy.
Option: choose the Easy Collect bin, a GREENOFFICE innovation, for quicker waste collection and disposal.

AGORA 90C stations have very high quality finishes to enhance your eco-friendly operations.
GREENOFFICE alone guarantees results and effects.

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